Chiel Lubbers

A visual artist based in the Netherlands, motivated by resonance with rippled structures in the natural and agricultural landscape, currently developing the project 'Musculo-vegetal' which embodies analogous research that explores the similarities between fibers in plants and human muscles tissues.

Works & Projects

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Micro Cardiac
Plant fibers, framed with maple wood and museum glas, 38,5 cm x 28,5 cm

Exhibition Musculo-vegetal at Haarlem

‘Micro Cardiac’ is a microscopic translation of the cardiac muscle which makes up de thick middle layer of the heart. 

Micro Cardiac is part of the MicroMacro herbarium series that embodies analogous research, delving into the parallels between fibers in plants and human muscle tissues. Through intricate processes of dissection, fermentation, and positioning of fibers, the Alterhouse series offers a variety of scaled works, revealing the microscopic and macroscopic anatomical tissues of our intimate anatomy across different layers of our reality. The essence of MicroMacro lies in its aim to induce a meditative state, encouraging viewers to reflect on the life forms that constitute our bodies. It conveys the profound concept that we are fundamentally resonant beings intricately connected to cosmic currents.