Chiel Lubbers

A visual artist based in the Netherlands, motivated by resonance with rippled structures in the natural and agricultural landscape, currently developing the project 'Musculo-vegetal' which embodies analogous research that explores the similarities between fibers in plants and human muscles tissues.

Works & Projects

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As a visual artist, I am inspired by the concept of 'resonance' by the sociologist Hartmut Rosa. Described as the quality of our relationship with the environment, in which we are constantly influenced, influencing, and transformed by coexisting. I am driven by an embodied felt 'affect' in which the essence receives or emits something, similar to electromagnetic waves. You experience the energy field, you feel it, it touches you, and it resonates. I use my art as a means to explore a deeper connection with our environment. I encourage the development of senses and sensitivities to the world around us, embracing the importance of physical learning and exploring the meaning of resonance.

In my creative explorations, I focus on the energy of natural forces that manifest as rippling structures in the natural and agricultural landscape. I seek a direct, physically felt 'affect', a connection with the environment, rather than just cognitive or visual perceptions. During field research, I emphasize my sensitivity to the pulsations of energy, translating this embodied experience into alchemical techniques that focus on materials with transformative potential and a transient and natural character.

By analyzing, dissecting, and translating phenomena and materials, I reveal hidden characteristics on different scales of tissues and organic material. This gives me insight into composition and structure. In this process, I decentralize the human and give equal position to other entities within the ecological relationships that form an ecosystem. The use of hidden potential then enables me to create poetic compositions aimed at reflecting the interconnectedness of natural systems.

My practice is characterized by dialogue between science and art, focusing on the poetic and multisensory aesthetics of science, supported by the logic of analogy. The analogies inspire me to create hybrid translations that move between the human and non-human, by exploring comparisons with the plant and geological domain. For me, our world is not always clearly divided into fixed groups. It's as if we're somewhere in between, in a plural sense where elements aren't easily categorized.

In my practice, I explore and reflect on the complex anatomy and physical hologram of human beings, shaped by changing vibrations and wave patterns. Our bodies receive and emit energy that moves through our fibers, like a vessel in which resonance is embodied. My goal is to convey the idea that we are resonating beings, connected to cosmic currents, vibrating with the universe. For me, it's not just about acquiring information, but also about producing an 'inner' knowing that is integrated into our body. In the era of societal acceleration, according to sociologist Hartmut Rosa, resonance becomes the guiding force for integration, connecting us with information that resonates and enables transformation. I strive to depict the invisible presence in my art and also to meet metaphysical and spiritual needs, as experiences of meaningful connectedness within our society and ecosystem.