Chiel Lubbers

A visual artist based in the Netherlands, motivated by resonance with rippled structures in the natural and agricultural landscape, currently developing the project 'Musculo-vegetal' which embodies analogous research that explores the similarities between fibers in plants and human muscles tissues.

Works & Projects

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An Inner-act

Plant vezels, bleekselderij, snijbiet, 30 cm x 50 cm x 180 cm 

'An Inner-act' is an exploration into the analogy of protein fibers in plant material and human muscle tissue. It delves into the relationship between rippled vegetables and muscles, examining their material similarity as fibers. The shared genetic structures of DNA in living beings reveal a connection. Proteins act as threads bridging the differences between plants and humans. The project seeks the essence of humanity within its environment by giving equal importance to non-human life forms that together form an ecosystem in which we participate. The work is like a second skin, bringing the inner outwards and serving as a mirror for human observers. For this project, I have used biodynamically grown celery and chard from the region of The Hague. In this way, I aim to work locally and sustainably while promoting biodiversity.

After graduating from the Royal Academy of Art, the project 'An Inner-act' has been featured on the Future Materials Bank platform, which supports the transition to ecologically conscious art practices. Alongside the WaterBear platform, I will be participating in the documentary series 'Other Ways of Living', set to be released in the spring of 2024. WaterBear is a platform that highlights positive solutions for our changing world. Additionally, 'An Inner-act' was selected for the group exhibition 'Gardening' at the historic estate of Museum Oud Amelisweerd in Bunnik.

Graduation Show 2021, Royal Academy of Art, The Hague