Chiel Lubbers

A visual artist based in the Netherlands, motivated by resonance with rippled structures in the natural and agricultural landscape, currently developing the project 'Musculo-vegetal' which embodies analogous research that explores the similarities between fibers in plants and human muscles tissues.

Works & Projects

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Other Ways of Living
Documentary Series Waterbear in collaboration with Ellen MacArthur Foundation  
Season 1 episode 2, How We Make

All around the world, people are beginning to transition away from a linear economy. Instead of taking materials from the Earth, making them into products, and then throwing them away, new methods are being developed to keep the things we make in circulation, eliminating waste and regenerating nature in the process. This is Other Ways of Living. A show where Matt Shea, award-winning journalist and documentary filmmaker, finds what's happening in the world of circularity, and whether we can apply it to our lives right now.

Alongside the WaterBear platform, I participated in the documentary series 'Other Ways of Living', released in the May of 2024. WaterBear is a platform that highlights positive solutions for our changing world. The work is presented as a biocouture garment made from patterns of protein fibers and cellulose extracted from celery. The composition brings our inner anatomy outward through the analogy of fibers inside human and vegetal tissue.

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